Our Neighbors

Below is a list of local, primarily family owned businesses that have historically demonstrated good customer service and/or high quality.

We  cannot guarantee any of these businesses, rather simply list them for your own investigation.

It is important to support local business, rather than large corporate giants.  As do we, many of our patients depend on customers from this local region to keep their business going. 

When planning a shopping trip, you may wish to consider your driving time and gas expense by going to the valley, and what it is worth to you to have small business in YOUR community.  Perhaps services and goods at local businesses cost slightly more, but when you support them, you support their existence, their families, and their ability to do their part for the economy in turn.  We believe that the added expense is worth the good customer service.

Upper Rock Island
                County is Your Home

The Old Port Byron Library


Riverdale School District
Local Charity:
Ann's Helping Hands
Local Artists:
QC Collective Artist Co-op (now in Rock Island)
Blu Shamrock - Cordova
It's On the River
G's Riverfront Cafe
Jimmy Lee's
Misc Businesses:
Barber Shop - Bob
QCFORC - Mountain Bike Advocacy in the QCA